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The Nigerian (Laws of Nigeria) website welcomes you to its legal resources: Nigerian legislation, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, Nigerian Constitution, Nigerian case law, Nigerian law articles, Nigerian legal education, Nigerian legal system, Nigerian law discussion forum, Nigerian law eBooks (e-Books) & books, etc. The Nigerian eBooks (e-Books) website is being developed to provide the solution to the inability of Nigerian citizens (with credit and debit cards having Nigerian billing addresses) to buy Nigerian law eBooks and other eBooks on Amazon (Kindle eBooks), Barnes & Noble (Nook eBooks), and other foreign websites that sell eBooks worldwide.

Nigerian Law Website: Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (Legislation), Cases, Constitution, etc.

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Nigerian Law provides free access to Nigerian legal information as part of its mission to bridge the digital divide with regard to the application of information and communications technology (ICT) to all aspects of the law. Nigeria is one of the countries lagging woefully behind with regard to the existence of authentic legal information databases and resources, which has numerous negative implications for the rule of law, national development, business investments, legal education and scholarship, legal practice, administration of justice, openness and transparency, and other tenets of democracy.

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The Nigerian Law News and Discussion is a resource of the Nigerian Law (Laws of Nigeria) website. It is a forum on anything relating to the law in Nigeria. It is available here.

Nigerian Constitution (Constitution of Nigeria)

Constitution of Nigeria (Nigerian Constitution)Nigeria is a fledgling democracy. After decades of autocratic military rule truncated by spells of democracy, Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999. Nigerian democracy today was ushered in by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (Nigerian Constitution). the 1999 Nigerian Constitution was promulgated by a military Decree: the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Promulgation) Decree 1999 No. 24 with the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as the Schedule to the Decree. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 came into force on 5 May 1999. From its independence in 1960, Nigeria had the following Constitutions: the Nigerian Independence Constitution 1960, Nigerian Republican Constitution 1963, Nigerian Presidential Constitution 1979, and the current Nigerian Constitution 1999. The Constitution of Nigeria (Nigerian Constitution) website is dedicated to the provision of free access to the text of the Nigerian Constitution and other resources on it, including the Constitution of Nigeria (Nigerian Constitution) News and Discussion that features current developments relating to the Nigerian Constitution.

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Nigerian Law (Laws of Nigeria)

Nigerian Law (Laws of Nigeria): Nigerian Legislation, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, Nigerian Case Law, Nigerian Law eBook (e-Book) & Book
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